Date: March 27 - April 3, 2015


2015 kids

Left to right:  Lynn Sasaki (12), Shun Ishii (10), Tokuma Sasaki (9), Ayaka Itabashi (12), Chihiro Iseki (12), Kanae Shimoda (12) with a volunteer, Hami 

     Each day started or ended with a service in which the children chanted and rang the gong.  They trekked to Waimea Canyon and experienced their first bed-and-breakfast at Moloa'a.  The beach was close by, so the children were able to walk down for some fun in the sun.  They learned how to pick and husk cacao beans and prepare them for sun-drying.  Grinding beans that had been dried beforehand, they were able to enjoy delicious cups of hot cocoa prepared by their own hands.


     The children were treated to lunch by the Kauai Marriott Resort, a tour of the grounds, and gifts to fill a shopping bag from Sales Manager Barbara Gusman and Japanese Language Liaison, Art Umezu, and his wife.

 kids marriot

     Shopping for Omiyage for friends and family in Japan was next on the agenda. After dinner, the children made their own Spam musubi for breakfast.  The next day, they went on an adventurous boat ride around the Napali Coast.  


     Members and volunteers at Waimea Higashi Hongwanji prepared a sumptuous welcome potluck feast, snacks throughout the visit and an equally festive farewell party.  Several members gave the children little gifts to take home.  In gratitude, the children sang:  their school song and the well-loved Kokyo, all in beautiful harmony.  


     A grateful Mahalo and deep Arigato to all participants and donors for making this much needed project possible.   



mahalo kids


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