Water lilly

     The Kaneohe Higashi Hongwanji temple was established in 1924 to serve the residents of Kaneohe and continues to serve a broader community. While the Kaneohe Higashi Hongwanji temple is located on the Windward side of Oahu, its membership includes residents of other parts of the island, California, Nevada, and Washington state. 

    Buddha's teachings by virtue of its transcendental nature were for a long time limited only to the educated and the elite and therefore beyond the comprehension of the common masses.  Shinran Shonin, the founder of our sect (Jodo Shinshu or Shin Buddhism) of Pure Land Buddhism, made Buddha's teachings understandable to the masses and showed us how the teachings are relevant to our daily lives.

     While many people think of Buddhism only as it is related to death, on the contrary, Jodo Shinshu emphasizes how each of us can make the best of our lives here and now.

      Please come in and welcome our new resident minister, Reverend Hideaki Nishihori.

E Komo Mai!

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