Our temple conducts monthly Shotsuki Services in remembrance of temple family members who passed away during that month in a previous year, usually on the first Sunday of the month. The service provides an opportunity to offer incense during sutra chanting to honor loved ones and to reflect on the influence they had upon our lives.

Following the Shotsuki Service, attendees may join members for refreshments and fellowship in the Otani Center social hall.

Makurakyo Service
Makurakyo Service (Bedside Service): The Makurakyo service is a short service immediately after someone passes away. A minister is called to the home, hospital or care facility for the service. 
Funeral Service
Funeral services can be held at a mortuary or the temple upon advance scheduling. A sample service program is shown below.
Opening address
Kanzen chanting of sutra
Presentation of Buddhist name
Shoshinge chanting
Incense offering family, relatives, organizations and congregation
Personal history
Eulogy and remembtrances
Dharma message by minister
Words of appreciation by family
Closing address

Special anniversary memorial services are observed during certain auspicious years following the passing of an individual. This year we will observe special anniversary memorial services of those who passed away in the following years:
2016  1st anniversary
2015   3rd year memorial
2011 7th year memorial
2005 13th year memorial
2001 17th year memorial
1993 25th year memorial
1985 33rd year memorial
1968 50th year memorial
 *for 2017
To schedule an anniversary memorial service, please call the Betsuin office at 531-9088.
At-home services available.
Whether it's because mobility difficulties, convenience or just preferring the comfort of your own home, ministers can also conduct services at your location.
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